How to get a CSCS card?

by Z Chesak
Updated: 13-04-2020

Holding a CSCS cards will enable you to work on construction sites all across the UK. It provides a simple way to verify your training and qualifications for the type of work you carry out on the construction site.

To apply for a CSCS card follow these steps:

  1. First make sure that you are applying for the correct CSCS card. Use the online cardfinder to do just that.
  2. The majority of CSCS cards require that you successfully pass the CTIB Health, Safety and Environment test. Use the cardfinder to see which one of the three available types of Health, Safety and Environment test you need to pass.
  3. Call 0344 994 4777 to book your CTIB Health, Safety and Environment test and apply for the CSCS card.

Alternatively, you can apply for the CTIB Health, Safety and Environment test online at and apply for a card by post by downloading the required application form and sending it to CSCS.

Please note, if you are not 100% sure which forms you will need it is much better to apply over the phone.

What to expect when you call CSCS to apply for a card?

When you call 0344 994 4777 the following should happen:

  • You will give your name, date of birth, NI number and home address
  • You will tell about the qualifications you hold and the experience you have gained so far. You will also tell what type of CSCS card you are applying for
  • Then you will be required to send copies of your qualifications to, so make sure you remember or write down exactly which ones you will need to send
  • You will have to orally confirm which CTIB Health, Safety and Environment test you need to pass and how to book it. The new cost of the test is £21.00.
  • You will pay the £30 fee required for your CSCS card.

This helpful video guide by the CITB is definitively worth to watch:

Once you passed your CTIB Health, Safety and Environment test and all the correct documentation is received by CSCS (copies of your qualifications sent to, your card will be sent to you within a week.

Your card will be valid for five years and can be renewed. It can also be upgraded as your career progresses.

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