Mock Test Simulators for the Specialists CSCS Tests

CSCS Mock Test Simulators for Specialists

The specialists tests are different from the standard operatives test in a way that each of the tests is made up of six specialists questions plus 32 core knowledge questions and 12 behavioural case study questions.

There are currently 12 specialist tests available: supervisory, demolition, highway work, specialist work at high, lifts and escalators tunnelling, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

You can practice every one of these different tests with the help of our free CSCS mock simulator. To begin please select the test you would like to practice with:

Supervisory Specialist CSCS Test
Demolition Specialist CSCS Test
Highway Work Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)
Work At High Specialist CSCS Test
Lifts And Escalators Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)
Tunnelling Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)
Plumbing Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)
Heating Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)
Ventilation Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)
Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Specialist CSCS Test (available soon)

If your trade or qualification is not listed here try our list of trades and qualifications for the CSCS card test.

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