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Citb Behavioural Case Study Questions

These questions cover the `Behavioural case study` section of the CSCS test and are very similar to the real test. Prepare for the real CSCS test by answering the questions below.

Case Study 3

Mark has arrived late for his first day at work.

His supervisor lets him onto the site, but informs him that he has missed his induction but that he can get his tools and start working.

What should Mark do?

Mark goes to see the site manager to get inducted. During the site induction the site manager explains to him where the fire assembly point is located. Since this is Mark's first day on this site, he is not sure if he understands exactly where the location of the fire assembly point is.

What should Mark do?

Mark is about to start work, but he realises that he does not have the required PPE for the task.

What should Mark do?

Later that day, another contractor starts working next to Mark`s place of work. He starts to work with an electric grinder that is very noisy and makes sparks fly everywhere.

What should Mark do?

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Question 3: The correct answer is Answer 3.

Question 4: The correct answer is Answer 4.

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