50 Questions eBook PDF - CSCS Test for Operatives 2020

by Z Chesak
Updated: 10-04-2020

CSCS Test Questions - Operatives Test 2018 PDF

Download CSCS Test Questions - Operatives Test 2020 PDF

This booklet covers the Operatives type of the Citb Health, Safety and Environment test.

It is a full test designed to help you prepare for the real Citb Health and Safety test. Passing it will enable you to apply for a CSCS card.

Unlike other publications found on the internet, the questions in this eBook are based on real test questions.

You are welcomed to download and share as you like.

The CSCS Operatives Test

The test consists of 12 behavioural case study questions and 38 knowledge based questions on health, safety and environmental issues. To successfully pass the mock test 47 out of 50 questions must be answered correctly within the allowed time of 45 minutes.

The behavioural case study questions

These questions will be presented to you at the beginning of the test and are designed to assess how you would respond to a health and safety situation on a construction site.

Every test includes three case studies, each with four multiple-choice questions. These questions follow an imaginary scenario based on a fictional character's actions on a construction site. Please note that although more than one answer can be correct for some of these questions, you will have to chose only one.

The core knowledge questions

These questions cover 16 core areas that are included in all the tests. These core areas fall under the groups of:
- Legal and management
- Health and welfare
- General safety
- High risk activities
- Environment

You will not need a detailed knowledge of all the regulations covered, but you will need to demonstrate that you know what is expected of you, as well as know what to expect from your employers regarding their responsibilities towards your health, safety and welfare.


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