Work At High Specialist CSCS Mock Test Simulator

Mock Test for Work At High Specialist CSCS Test

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The most comprehensive test simulator for the Work At High Specialist CSCS Test

This CSCS mock test simulator precisely mimics the CSCS HS&E test for the Work At High Specialist CSCS Test, with questions based on real CSCS test questions!

The test simulator will presents you with 50 questions from a huge bank of about 300 questions in accordance with the requirements for the supervisory CSCS test.

The Work At High Specialist CSCS Test

This test is different from the standard operatives test in a way that it is made up of six specialists work at hight questions plus 32 core knowledge questions and 12 behavioural case study questions.

To successfully pass the mock test 47 out of 50 questions must be answered correctly within the allowed time of 45 minutes (as it is for the real test).

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