The Benefits of a CSCS Card

by Z Chesak
Updated: 14-10-2016

Maintaining standards in the construction industry has always been a concern. With so many people employed in various areas across the sector, making sure that workers have the right skill set for the job they are being asked to do is vital. Secure checking not only means that standards are maintained but that sites don't have to contend with individuals who are not as qualified as they would like to make out.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) was introduced to raise standards across the industry. It's a card system that can be used to confirm identity and skill levels for a variety of employment types in construction from bricklayers and plasterers to technical, supervisory and management. It is not a general indication of competence but means you are getting a worker who should know what they are doing.

The CSCS Card for Employees

For employees going for a job onsite or with a particular construction company, it provides an easy way to show they have the right qualifications to do the job. You don't have to carry around all your other documentation and can just present your card as proof. These cards now come with a smart chip which means that employers can view all your details and can easily verify that you are able to work in a particular area. It also shows that you have the right knowledge of what it means to work in a safe working environment because you need to pass the CITB Health Safety and Environment test.

The Benefits for Employers

There are similar benefits for employers, whether they are taking on a skilled craftsman for working onsite or a manager or technical expert who can help develop a project. One of the major problems for construction businesses is making sure that they employ the right staff for the right job. A simple check of the CSCS card can show what qualifications a particular individual has and can save time on employment management across the board.

  • It can help reduce poor practice on site because you have qualified people working there.
  • It can also reduce accidents and reduce the incidence of personal injury claims because card holders have to undertake a health and safety test before they are accepted.
  • The smart card provides all the information you need so employees don't have to carry paper information with them.
  • There is evidence that, since the introduction of the CSCS card in 1995, the incidence of accidents has significantly decreased and the UK now has one of the lowest incidences of accidents on site in the whole of Europe.

There's no doubt that the CSCS card is a time saving solution for both employees and employers. The card can be presented on site, checked and a person's qualifications verified in a matter of seconds. Having the right staff in the right jobs can also save time and money on many construction jobs where keeping the costs down is of paramount importance.

With so many different fields in the construction industry, having a clear and easy to use way of checking out an employee's skill set is vital. The cards come in different colours depending on the sector that someone is operating in and, because they are also an ID card, they can be used for gaining access onto site and maintaining security. This greatly reduces the incidence of fraud and theft on sites that use the CSCS card for all workers.

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