Construction Card Fraud and How You Need to be Smart

by Z Chesak
Updated: 08-10-2016

The CSCS card was introduced to make sure that all construction workers employed on sites had the right qualifications and health and safety awareness to do their job. Since it was first introduced back in 1995 it has led to a large reduction in the number of accidents on site and an increase in the quality of construction work being carried out.

Last November, however, it was reported that there was some degree of cheating going on in the tests issued by certain CSCS card training providers. The issue was so serious at the time that it was estimated that some 6,000 builders and construction workers would have to retake their tests.

This was obviously a big blow for the construction industry which has worked hard in the last couple of decades to make sure that standards have improved. While the majority of workers were not acting fraudulently, the CITB felt the need to retest many people simply to ensure that they were fit to do their jobs and maintain confidence in their card process. Options like CCTV and spot checks in testing centres have also been introduced to cut down on future incidences of potential fraud. In the meantime, CITB have also been stressing that employers should be making better use of their smart cards.

Smart CSCS Cards

Recent technological developments have also help to increase security for CSCS cards. These now contain electronic chips similar to those found on bank cards which can be read to provide instant information on an employee's status and qualifications. The electronic smart card was introduced back in 2010 but some employers are still using the old fashioned paper way of checking qualifications.

The card can quickly be placed in a reader and a person's identity and qualifications confirmed and employers have been urged to adopt the use of this technology more in the future. Card fraud can not only put the integrity of a site at risk because the person doesn't have the qualifications or the right health and safety training expected but can also damage a company's integrity in the market place.

For businesses it is important to take advantage of the smart chips:

  • They can significantly reduce the number of people gaining access to a site who have fraudulent cards or incorrect skill sets.
  • It can save managers and supervisors time by making it quick and easy to check qualifications and resolve potential disputes about eligibility for particular jobs.
  • The smart card provides all the information you need so employees don't have to carry paper information with them.
  • The smart card provides all the information you need so employees don't have to carry paper information with them.

The smart CSCS cards come with easy to use software that can be installed on pcs, tablets and even mobile phones so that supervisors and managers can check details either in the office or on the go, as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection. If you are a construction company and you are still using the old fashioned paper method, you might want to consider using the smart technology that is now available. It means you can cut down on the paperwork for a start but it also means that you have ease of access to employee information, virtually at the touch of a button.

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